Do you have an inner yearning that is calling you to support pet parents in taking care of their beloved animal companion in their last phase of this life?

I guess one doesn’t make a conscious choice about working with death. It usually comes from an inner calling and if you are feeling it… then this course is for you!

Many people think that working with the dying and their grieving pet parents is a very depressing job. On the contrary, I have found my heart expands so much in supporting pet parents to move from grief and despair to a loving peace that allows them to still feel connected to their pets. Our experiences during these moments allow us to connect with the animal’s wisdom and witness the unconditional love and peace that this sacred passage inherently contains. I wake up each morning with a smile because of these amazing transformations that occur when we are able to connect both worlds and bring the energy of the Divine in this 3D reality. This is the most fulfilling job ever because we go beyond what is happening to the physical body and meet the divine and the joy that comes from witnessing all the transformations that occur and being of service to others is beyond words. 

What is a pet death doula?

Doulas are individual who provide non-medical support on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level during the process of birthing into a new existence. A birth doula, supports the birthing a new soul into this world while a death doula supports the birthing of the soul into a new plane of existence. 

As Sacred Pet Death Doulas in this program, we are comfortable being with a dying pet. We have knowledge and experience that supports the understanding that death is not the end, but rather a continuation of our journey into consciousness. Our training allows us to provide a compassionate, loving, and nonjudgmental presence that calms and supports pet parents as they reach a state of calmness. This is vital for pets during their transition, as it allows them to have the best start on the other side.

Being a caregiver for the dying is a profession that needs to be revived modern world, if we want to solve the incredible amount of suffering we encounter today around the death of our beloved animal companions.

What do you need to become a pet death doula?

  • Have a compassionate heart
  • Feel the calling 
  • Have taken the masterclass Walk Your Pet Home

With this program you will learn:


    • to facilitate a conscious death

    • everything you need to be competent and confident in supporting pets and pet parents on this journey

    • know how to bring peace even when facing intense emotions

    • how to honor all pet parent’s beliefs while staying true to your own

    • ways to support pet parents in reaching peace and acceptance 

    • ways to support pet parents in having meaningful realizations and a more expanded view of what is happening

    • how to help pet parents see the gifts their pets are giving them even in these last moments

    • understand the common needs of all dying pets regardless of their specific illness and how to help pet parents meet these needs in a meaningful way  

    • the skills to provide emotional and spiritual support

    • how to support pet parents with their grief

    •  how to avoid compassion fatigue

    • to support your clients in accompanying their beloved pets to their last breath 

Who is this program for?

  • This program is for compassionate animal lovers who want to support our mission of changing the way our pet’s end-of-life is lived – whether you want to do it as a job or just support your loved ones
  • it’s for anyone who wants to dedicate time to introducing a more compassionate way of living and dying to others
  • whoever is ready to bring back the sacredness into the dying process
  • start a business by being of service to animals and people
  • for vets, animal communicators and all pet professionals that want to expand their support to clients,

Our pet doula program is different from others of the kind because we give equal importance to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of end-of-life care. Dying is a spiritual experience and learning what happens on the other side is vital if we want to make sure we are truly helping our pets. 

Most pet doula programs, align with the current way of caring for our pets at the end of life where the focus is solely on the physical body and euthanasia as the only option once medical treatment is no longer an option. This approach often results in pet parents making decisions out of fear, such as fear of pain, suffering, or judgement from others. Unfortunately, this model does not consider the whole picture of what happens beyond the physical body, leaving pet parents with unresolved grief and pets struggling with emotional turmoil during their last moments, which has a negative effect on their transition.

By taking a holistic approach to the dying experience, we can understand that it is a process with clear steps that, when followed, can lead to a peaceful transition for all beings. This same process transformed us into physical beings when we were born. As pet doulas, we learn to tune into this blueprint and follow the energies that guide each pet on their end-of-life journey. We help pet parents turn their sorrow into strength and process their grief in a natural way.

As Sacred Pet Death Doulas, it is important for us to work on our own traumas and wounds. This enables us to provide better support to others through our experiences and we avoid any traumatic story to remind us of our own traumas. 

From a place of real compassion, which is the ability to be with the suffering from a place of higher states of consciousness that allows us to truly feel what is happening on all levels (physical mental emotional and spiritual) we can feel the right path for pets and their caregivers.

Special gifts come out from walking this journey consciously and as doulas we will be able to help our clients find these gifts as well as ease any emotional burdens that may arise. Even this kind of support will help pets to transition peacefully. Pets and pet parents are connected on many deep levels and in order to facilitate a good death, we have to address all aspects. 

We believe that every pet and pet parent should have access to this kind of holistic support. Learning about death gives us choices and allows us to live this experience with the sacredness that it calls for. Enroll now and make a difference in the lives of pets and their parents!

Main topics covered

Please be aware that the titles may change, depending on your needs.  These are some examples of what is offered. What will be given is all the tools necessary to support pets and their pet parents during the end-of-life journey, so if there is something that you will particularly need, it can be added. 

We will be looking at case studies and training on how best to support pets and pet parents. 

  • Inner work for pet death doulas (with practices and exercises)
  • Working through our own traumas (with practices and exercises)
  • Inviting our guides
  • Learning techniques to go deeper into the core issues that are creating difficulties in the end-of-life experience and life in general
  • Rewiring our death experiences
  • Conscious creators vs unconscious creators
  • The power of our beliefs
  • Emotional dynamics
  • The healing power of words
  • How to support pet parents with their suffering
  • I see you – compassionate conversations 
  • Helping clients let go
  • When to get another animal friend
  • Avoiding compassion fatigue
  • Helping with grief
  • The art of listening 
  • Creating a healing space for our clients
  • How to help pet parents find their pet’s last gifts
  • Transitioning to higher dimensions
  • Helping souls go to the light
  • …. much more

How it works

This course is only available in the LIVE version, where we will meet weekly on Zoom for two hours.

The Sacred Pet Death Doula certification of completion will be given after a final mock exam.

Videos and recordings of all 3 courses are available on our PetWise App or Web, to which you have LIFETIME access so that you can return to specific sessions when needed.


What you get

  • 6 x Live Zoom sessions (of more or less 2.5 hours each) 
  • FREE and LIFETIME ACCESS to the Walk Your Pet Home Masterclass (value $ 998)
  • FREE access to the Sacred Pet Death Doula Membership for the duration of this course. After the course, access to the membership will be available at a fee of $38 monthly.
  • FREE enlistment on the Sacred Death Doula Practitioner list on PetWise and Animalchemy once completed the course
  • The opportunity to ask any question and even suggest topics that you feel you need to go deeper with
  • FREE access to the Sacred Pet Death Doula’s Private Community where you can share your cases with our tribe and I can offer updates. 
  • 50% discount on my consultation fees

Your investment

That can be paid in full or in 3 installments of $ 760 each. 


MODULE 1: Saturday, August 23rd, 2024

MODULE 2: Saturday, August 30th, 2024

MODULE 3: Saturday, September 6th, 2024

MODULE 4: SaturdaySeptember 13th, 2024

MODULE 5: Saturday, September 20th, 2024

MODULE 6: To be established


at 18.00 CET/CEST – 9.00 AM PST/PT – 10.00 AM MST/MT – 12 noon EST/ET – 9.00 PM UAE



It took me many years to create the material offered in this courses, with all the financial and time-related consequences that came from this. For this reason, once you become a Sacred Death Doula with us, you will be given the unique opportunity to license my courses to help them create a sacred business and more easily spread this transformational and life-changing knowledge, without having to waste all the years and money I did. The time for a change in consciousness has come and I will be honored by anyone who feels called to share this work. 

Don't wait to follow your calling!

All courses offered are my life’s work and come from over 30 years of different spiritual as well as over 15 years of end-of-life experiences.

My wish is to build a community of doulas that have a compassionate heart, an authentic wish to care for others, a deep relationship with source and a knowing that it’s by healing and working on ourselves that we are able to truly support others.

The value of everything you will learn is priceless because it doesn’t only offer ways to support pets and pet parents but it also brings an incredible transformation to your own life and the people’s lives you touch by doing this work.

If you need more information, feel free to contact me. 

“True love stories never have endings”. Richard Bach


A: Certification for human and pet doulas is optional as we are a self-regulating profession. There is no government-mandated regulatory or accreditation entity that oversees doula training and certification programs. Therefore, all certificates testify that you have completed a particular training program. Certification as a Sacred Pet Death Doula with Animalchemy means that:

  • You have completed Walk Your Pet Home Masterclass and that you are confident in all areas of end-of-life
  • You show competency regarding the core knowledge in the field and what happens at all levels of mind body spirit during the end-of-life process (which is beyond what is normally taught in end-of-life care).
  • Although having a certificate is something nice, the reality is that you can be a professional doula even without certification. 
  • All this considered, going through this training program is something to be very proud of, because other than teaching you how to support pets on their end-of-life journey, it also teaches you about the human end of life, life, the afterlife and it helps you heal inner wounds that make you better able to support others in their most difficult times. 

A: Here at Animalchemy things are done a little different. As a doula you will learn the process of death, which at the very last stage, it’s the same for humans and animals. Once you know what is truly happening, you will be able to eliminate the component of fear of pain, fear of death and you will be calmly able to support pet parents in taking one step at a time and following the wishes of their pets rather than having them make decisions out of fear. When decisions are made in a loving energy, it will always be the right way. 

Other programs focus on waiting for pet parents to be ready to euthanize. Here, euthanasia is not the focus. In fact, with our method, it is very common for our client’s pets to have a calm, pain-free death at home.

The focus, rather than being on euthanasia, is on our client’s animal companions in the totality of who they are and what they are experiencing. We look at all aspects of the dying animal, going beyond just their physical body. We consider what is happening on an emotional, mental and spiritual level and have tools to support both pets and pet parents on all of these levels. We understand that how animals transition affects their start on the other side. We understand when is the right time to help them and when the right actions is to provide them with a calm and loving environment to transition. We understand how the body has an intelligence and just as it knows how to bring us into this world, it knows how to take us out of this world.

All of these aspects, enable us to help pet parents truly make the right decisions for their beloved pets. At Animalchemy, we understand that each end of life is unique, just like every pet is unique and every pet parent is unique. 

A: Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] and I will be happy to have a chat about this training program.

Don't wait to follow your calling!