Meet Monique

Meet Monique

Pet Death Doula – Soul Coach – Multisensory Animal Intuitive – Meditation Instructor – Add Heart Facilitator 

Monique holds a wholehearted and deep connection with all animals, and has a passion for the unseen and a love of life. 

Being a catalyst for high frequencies, and using her multi-sensory abilities to connect with animals, she assists pet parents in personal transformations. With the animals as her guide, she helps lift the veil of unknowing, enabling her clients to see beyond the conscious mind and open up to deeper realisations, which in turn allows for deeper connections with their animal companions. 

Her passion is inspiring and supporting others, helping them find their true light and guiding them towards an expanded awareness which she believes helps us all become co-creators of a more compassionate world.

In her work as a Death Doula, Monique has a big place in her heart for supporting pet parents who are experiencing the end of life of their beloved animal companion. She helps them approach this phase in an enlightened state, one that holds the frequencies of love that are the base of the human/pet relationship, bringing light to the preciousness of the transition, which creates a true sense of peace in both animal and human. Bringing ease in such difficult moments to both pet parents and their beloved animal companions, fills her heart with gratitude. 

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