Journey With Grace Meditation

Accompanying Our Pets
To The End Of Life On Earth With Grace

 Introduction to the meditation & 20 minute Meditation 

At times like these, when we are faced with possibly the most challenging of moments, we may feel powerless. But on the contrary there is so much we can do to contribute to the well being of both our beloved animal companions and ourselves.

When there is nothing more that can be done on a medical level, we may think there is not much else we can do to support our beloveds but we have to remember that we are multidimensional beings and we are not only our bodies. 

Both the background music and the guided meditation will help you  access those brainwaves that allow you to connect to a state of calm and this peace will immediately be felt by your animal companion. This is the most beautiful gift we can give them right now. Peace releases the tensions that exacerbate physical, mental and emotional pains and assists them in experiencing the best possible transition on their journey back home.

Practice this meditation daily and use this opportunity to have some quality and loving time with your beloved pet knowing that you providing the most important and loving support. Think of it like journeying with them, hand in paw (or wing) to a more expanded state of consciousness. By journeying with them, you will be able to feel the boundless love that is available to all of us and that will keep the connection between you open here and now and to the beyond.

Although we all want our  pets to stay with us forever, we have the power to make this journey beautiful. For both our pets and ourselves.