Join the Pet Death Doula Membership membership

oin our community of compassionate and dedicated pet doulas who are committed to providing support and love to pets and their parents during the most challenging times. 

In an age where the fast-paced nature of society often leads individuals to seek quick solutions to uncomfortable situations, coming together in our work as sacred pet death doulas creates a beacon of love and compassion that has the power to revolutionize how we approach the end of life for our beloved animal companions.

As we join forces, and collectively embrace the inherent beauty of this sacred transition, we can create a more compassionate and enlightened society, where the profound bond between pets and their humans is honored and cherished until the very end.

As sacred pet death doulas, we recognize that each pet and pet parent is a truly unique entity unto themselves, and we know how we have to adapt our approach to best serve the individual needs and this means that it’s important to continue our dedication to learning and growth to ensure that we remain at the forefront of end-of-life care practices, equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide the highest quality support to both pets and their humans.

These are the reasons this membership was born! Together, we are stronger in our mission to change the paradigm and provide unique support for our clients and their beloved pets!

Our Sacred Pet Death Doula Membership is:

    • an opportunity for continuing education
    • a key resource for maintaining professional development
    • a place where we can practice together to expand our skills
    • where we receive updates on new ways to support our clients and their pets
    • a beautiful opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences

By joining you get:

  • 1 HOUR ZOOM GET TOGETHER to help you with client cases, and personal challenges, practice new skills, learn something new or ask questions.
  • 50% DISCOUNT ON 1:1 SESSIONS WITH MONIQUE. This can be very helpful initially, especially for difficult cases, or until you feel more confident. The examples will be used in the student resources or for other educational purposes.
  • BUSINESS SKILLS: Resources and behind-the-scenes “secrets” for building your own practice.
  • PRIVATE PET DOULA NETWORKING SPACE: This is a beautiful opportunity to stay in contact with all doulas and it’s where you can share stories, meet like-minded people, share your experiences and even ask opinions and questions to your pet doula colleagues!                                                                         
  • FREE PREMIUM LISTING ON THE PETWISE MOBILE APP AND WEB DIRECTORY to get ongoing exposure (normally $9.95 per month – see here)

Our gatherings will be on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 18.00 CET/CEST – 9.00 AM PST/PT – 10.00 AM MST/MT – 12 noon EST/ET – 9.00 PM UAE 

Starting on May 8th, 2024

Join NOW!

You can stay in the membership for as little or as long as you feel like it. Right now, the membership is offered at a founder’s Founding Members’ discounted rate of $38 per month. The price will increase in the future, but not for you, as long as you remain a member.
  • Regular monthly subscription $38 each month
  • or annual payment in full 11 months + 1 FREE month US$ 418

I’m honored and delighted to have you with me on this sacred journey of becoming each day a bit more conscious and a bit more loving to our adorable animal companions.