How do you become a butterfly? 

You must want to fly so much you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.

Letting go of your inner caterpillar
Mentoring Sessions

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Mark Twain

Your soul is calling

Is your soul calling you in a certain direction but don’t quite know how to make it happen? Or maybe, you feel a nudge, but you you can’t quite put your finger on it?

Most of us feel this way at one time or another and the distress that this causes is a message for you to look deeper and follow your true passion. The answer to your inner longing cannot be found in the material world, you have to go deeper and just like a butterfly metamorphosing, a new you comes from within. 

If a caterpillar can change, grow wings and fly, so can you. Right now, you may feel stuck, powerless, in a rut. Let me show you the way out, the way up. By pealing away layers of stress and taking away the limiting beliefs that hold you back, you become empowered to a more joyful and fulfilling way of being, where you have the ability to choose how to feel, rather than being at the mercy of the events in your life. 

I will support you with deep listening and a toolkit of life-tools and affirmative exercises that, with practice, will become second nature, leading you to the beautiful life you imagine. My intuition will guide me to the recognise the beauty that is within you that is waiting to come out and manifest. 

The areas that I have helped most of my clients are:

  • grief 
  • mentoring to become a death doula for pets (both for private reasons and to help others on their journeys)
  • mentoring to sacred pet death doulas for difficult cases or further learning
  • mentoring to connect deeper with your animals
  • happiness as a side effect
  • mentoring on various forms of meditation and inner work

The opportunity that you will find in these private sessions is that they are tailored to your skills and to the direction you want to go. It’s your personal journey of transformation and I am delighted to be support you. Book a free session so we can talk about your dreams and find out if we are both a fit for each other. 

Are you ready to answer the call?


/ 20 minutes
  • Free chat to get to know each other & find how I can support you
  • No obligation


/ 1 hour
  • Are you going through a challenge right now?
  • Would you like to connect deeper with your pet?
  • Would you like support with meditation or inner work?
  • Would you like to heal your grief?
  • Intuitive support & coaching support
  • Digital recording


/ per session x 3 sessions to go deeper
  • 30% discount
  • Digital recording