Loving goodbyes

Walk with me human, it's my time to lead the way

Animals are not our whole life but they make our lives whole.

The thought of living without our beloved animal companion, no longer hearing their purr or bark, filling their bowl with their favourite food, sneaking a treat we know they shouldn’t have; no longer sharing in their mischief or laughing at their funny ways, or snuggling on the sofa; no longer feeling the joy and unconditional love they bring into our lives, is an unbearable thought. But when that moment comes, even though we cannot choose the timing, we can choose how the transition is made.

Unconditional love is the frequency that binds us in our relationship with our pet. But, when death approaches, fear has a way of clouding that love, bringing anxiety and doubt that may lead to us missing out on honouring their final moments. When we’re told “there’s nothing more that can be done”, our energies restrict and fear leads us. We’re no longer able to feel our pet’s needs and we’re more likely to let others make decisions for us. But the relationship with our pets is ours alone, and we can choose what happens next.

Transitioning the frequency of fear to one of love, so we hear our pet’s true voice and are open to their specific needs, is essential in these moments. In love we may support them fully through their transition, giving them the strength and quietude they need. And since our pets are Master Yogis when it comes to love, this is the time we must let them lead the way. They can teach us how to be at one with this moment; how to see beyond fear so we may access the peace hidden deep inside us. Peace raises our animal’s experience. It’s our gift to them, in return for all the gifts they have shared with us on our journeys together. 

And there’s a parting gift they have yet to give. The events in our life are often dictated by unhealed wounds – subconscious tracks that lead where we don’t necessarily want to go. Wounds manifest as life challenges, which we carry throughout our lives. Only when we’re able to uncover and face them can healing begin. In this final journey together, our beautiful animals help us in that process. By mirroring our hidden emotional landscape we’re able to discover the elusive clues that lead us to healing and transformation. we honour the love with which they filled our hearts by accepting and fulfilling their parting gift.




How I can support you

  • If you would like support in the end-of-life of your animal companions I have created a masterclasses called Walk Your Pet Home that not only supports you in supporting your pet, but it’s truly transformational for every area of your life. The masterclass comes with a free one-time membership to be able to ask personal questions. 
  • If you don’t have time to take the masterclasses, feel free to book the FREE Peaceful Pet Pathway Consult below.
  • With over a decade of end-of-life experience and 35 years of spiritual practice, I specialize in providing a peaceful and conscious end-of-life process for pets. My holistic approach transforms the current model, preventing long-lasting grief and fostering enduring connection.

  • Because I hold it dearly in my heart to support you in such difficult but precious and sacred moments, I will share all I can in our free consultation. It might be that that is all you need to reconnect to the flow of life. I feel blessed at the thought of animals and humans suffering less and loving more. My aim is that you and your beloved animal companion can experience peace, even in moments where seemingly there is none.

  • If you feel like you need more support after that, please book a session. If it’s the first time we meet, please book the INITIAL CONSULTATION SESSION. Because each end of life is unique we can then adjust sessions depending on your needs. 
  • For emergencies, feel free to call me at +41763962661 (Switzerland). If you don’t have a good phone plan, send me a message on WhatsApp or Telegram and we can organize a call. 
  • I’m on a mission to bring awareness to this compassionate approach, where you are empowered to navigate this journey with clarity and confidence, knowing at all times what is happening, what to do, and what not to do.

♥️ Every pet and pet parent deserves this chance!

Peaceful Pet
Discovery Session

The first step toward a peaceful journey home
/ 1 hour
  • Are you 💔 heartbroken over your pet’s terminal diagnosis and worried about your beloved’s pain? Do you feel helpless and uncertain about doing the right thing? If so, it's time to embark on a new path that ensures a peaceful journey for your pet and gives you the confidence that you are following your pet’s wishes.
  • I will provide personalized support for your unique situation
  • Help you understand your pet's current state and how to best support him or her
  • Share the meaning and benefits of a conscious death for you and your pet
  • Identify changes you can make to ensure a peaceful end-to-end journey from this moment until your pet’s last breath that maintains an unbreakable connection even after the transition.

Initial Consultation

End-Of-Life Support
/ 1 hour & 2 email updates
  • We can connect via Zoom of phone (Telegram or What'sApp)
  • Book this session if your beloved is on the end-of-life journey and you are worried about what is happening or you want support on how to help in this last phase on Earth.
  • With my extensive knowledge of the end-of-life process and intuitive abilities, I can help you understand what is happening and help you know what you can do to support your beloved.
  • This is an ideal session if it's the first time we connect and it gives you all the time you need to explain the situation and get the support you need.

Intuitive Reading

End-Of-Life Support
/ 1 hour
  • Book this session if you would like an intuitive reading before of after transition.
  • Digital recording


End-Of-Life Support
/ 15 minutes phone call
  • Once we have already connected, and I know the situation, this mini-session is ideal to tune into the situation again.
  • Changes happen rapidly and it might help you to understand what is happening and get a pick-me-up in time of doubt or need.
  • 15-minute call & 1 email update

Precious Journey Package

End-Of-Life Support
/ 3 x 15 min phone calls
  • Same as the Pick-me-up Session but x 3

Intuitive Reading before or after transition

1 month - End-Of-Life Support
/ unlimited calls
  • Book this session if you would like unlimited support during the end-of-life journey of your beloved
  • We can connect via Zoom or phone (Telegram or What'sApp)
  • I will support you with my extensive knowledge of the end-of-life process to help you know where your pet is at each moment and what you can do to help.
  • As an animal intuitive I can help you stay in tune with what is important for your beloved
  • I can support you in finding the gifts your beloved is wanting to share with you
  • Energetic support will also be given by my guides
  • I will hold space for you and your beloved on the journey

What people say

"A few weeks ago my dog Kumba got unexpectedly sick. We took him to the vet and he was given medicine but never recovered. Even though he was 15 yrs. old I was just not prepared with the constant decisions that came up while he was slowly passing. I had heard Monique speak on a webinar a few weeks before and wrote her name down. I got in contact with her. She lovingly helped me every step of the way through Kumba’s passing process that took 3 weeks. Instinctively, I stayed with Kumba day and night while he was getting sicker and sicker, giving him the much deserved unconditional love that he always had given me. That was the easy part. There were other decisions much more difficult such as when to stop giving the medicine, if it was hurting him more than helping, or if he was suffering and if I should give him a shot to put him down. This is completely acceptable with vets all over the world but is it always the right thing to do? I discussed these dilemma’s with Monique and with her help I resolved these problems one by one. Kumba ended up passing at home without a sedative. I am so grateful for that because being with your four legged furry baby until the end, if possible, is natural and sacred. It kept our bond stronger and there isn’t a day that I don’t hear him talking to me and feeling his love. Of, course it is not the same as feeling his face up against yours or having his paw in your hand. It is a different kind of relationship more spiritual and more heartfelt. If I had had the chance to take Monique’s course before my dog got sick it would have prepared me and given me trust in the process. You can’t believe how important that is until you have been through it. Thank you Monique for your loving help through what was one of the most difficult experiences of my life. Difficult but extremely deep and profound. I will never ever forget it." Cheri - Italy

"Working with Monique has been a profoundly insightful and healing experience. Not only has she helped me with the deep grief for the passing of my beloved dog, but also has helped guide me with the raising of my new puppy. I am very grateful to her for the work she does. She really listens and encourages. Everything is enfolded in love and our conversations were life-changing! Emma - USA

"Monique’s work does not just apply to our pets and animals, or to the dying. It also works with our human relationships! Monique shows us how it is possible to transform a situation simply by changing our energy around it, and “the more we practice, the easier it becomes and then suddenly, one day … it will become automatic and life changes completely - both for the people around us and us.” You do not need to be an animal communicator, or even own a pet, to gain valuable wisdom from Monique, wisdom that can be applied to all aspects of our lives. I am so grateful that I found Monique and her transformative work, which is also obviously her joy!" Jeanine Deal - USA

"Monique is a unique gift to all pet parents on this planet.  Her immersion into studying the subject of death of our most beloved animal family members and how that is expressed in different cultures around the world has given her insight into a subject that affects all of us and brings out varied, but deep emotions.  Through her insight and studies, she has created the most beautiful guide to help us help our furry babies that will forever change you on a personal level, as well as your interactions with your animal.  Monique helped me like no other human could in coping with the slow death of my soulmate shepherd who had been my constant best friend for over 15 years.  Her insight and loving manner gave me the strength to provide the best care that I could for my dog as he entered the dying phase of his life.  My dog had the best death he could have in the most natural and beautiful way.  I never really understood the term "a good death" until I had the pleasure of learning from Monique.  The gifts that were bestowed upon me and my husband after our beloved dog passed were nothing short of miraculous just as Monique had said they would be.  We were able to cope and grow after our baby crossed the rainbow bridge in the most positive and uplifting manner possible given the fact that we would no longer be with him in the physical plane.  Through death we found eternal love and life through feeling the spirit of our dog on the other side and communicating in a different form.  My initial interaction with Monique was rather brief, but life changingly profound.  She is an earth angel and I highly recommend her if you want to learn and grow through the death of your furry baby--all while being the best possible pet parent that you can be.  As hard as death is, Monique's knowledge and beautiful soul teaches us that death can be beautiful and full of gifts.  I thank God for Monique and all her research into a subject most try to avoid.  Her knowledge, experience and guidance are priceless!  She is also one of the most lovely humans you could ever hope to interact with." Beth - USA

Learn how to find peace during the end of life journey with my new online course
"Walk Your Pet Home"

“True love stories never have endings”. Richard Bach

“You count because you are. And you will be of significance until the last moment of your life. And we will do everything we can so that not only you can die in peace, but also live all the way to the end”. Dame Cicely Sauders