Wild Heart Connections

19 - 25th October 2024

Waking up in a dream

You wake up and for the first moment you feel you woke up in a dream. But quickly you remember where you are. You feel the fresh and pristine air entering your body. You take a deep exhale and in one breath, all your worries are transmuted into joy. You feel the powerful energy surrounding you, you feel whole. The sun is slowly coming up on the horizon and the wild animals are already announcing the beginning of your day. You can’t help but smile and with your heart filled with love and excitement in anticipation of your day ahead, you jump out of bed. Your new friends are getting ready for the forthcoming adventure to meet the elephants, the wild cats and all other wild animals present in the African bush in the heart of Zululand, in South Africa. 

Heart wide open

Experienced rangers will guide you each day on exciting safaris in open game drive vehicles through the unique diversity of this ancestral land to encounter wild animals such as buffalo, elephant, hippo, leopard and rhino, giraffe, hyena, crocodile, and a spectacular variety of other indigenous species and superb birdlife.

But it will not only be the rangers who will find the animals … your heart will call them too. And when you get an answer, your heart will know. You feel excitement, joy and at the same time, a calmness and a love that opens your heart wide open. And suddenly you might see elephants appear all around you, or maybe a giraffe or a wild cat that came to say hello. They are here to welcome you into their home and you cannot but feel a surge of energy in your whole body. You feel a love you have never felt before. Time stops. You touched a place inside of you that changes you from within. You feel blessed and so very grateful. You’re just experienced the bliss of connecting with a wild heart. 

Why do we heal on safari?

The moment we arrive in Africa, we immediately feel different. Our hearts open so wide when we are in the presence of a wild animals. We wake up at dawn with the sounds of nature and go to bed at night lulled into the most profound sleep, with the lions roaring at a distance. And when we go back home, we feel rejuvenated and carry with us a sense of purpose. It is said that once you get the dust of Africa on your boots, you will always want to go back again and again!

How come there is such a transformation and healing that happens on a trip like this?

There are many things that happen within us, that we are usually unaware of, that are profoundly healing to us!

When a big wild animal, such as an elephant approaches us with the intent to share space with us, we feel valued. When a little bird, with the most amazing colors you can imagine curiously looks at us without flying away, we feel important. On our safaris, we don’t chase the animals, the animals come to us and decide to spend time with us. And if they leave, then we know our time is up. But because they often decide to stay with us, we feel immensely blessed and our hearts open. Rather than being the invasive tourist that are there to see animals and tick off a list, we become invited guests in their homes. We respect them and they show us how they also appreciate spending time with us. 

Being in the presence of all these beautiful wild animals, although we may not get the feeling of physical touch, we definitely feel the energetic hug, which allows a release of oxytocin in our bodies, also called the love hormone. This hormone is associated with empathy and connection and it promotes calm feelings of well-being. Are these not the qualities we so desperately want?

Animals are naturally connected to their emotional and spiritual fields and when we are with them we are enveloped in these amazing pure energies of unconditional love, allowing our nervous system to slow down our breathing, our hearts go into coherence with their hearts, and our minds quiet down. If medicine could do this, we would all be immediately healed!

On a trip like this, we naturally fall into the present moment. Accessing the present moment is highly healing because we are no longer focused on the lower frequencies of the past and the worries of the future. We are in the sweet spot of the here and now, where we are able to connect deeply with all beings around us, where we see life from a higher perspective and where we too, like animals, have access to the energies of unconditional love. And why are we so present? Because we are constantly mesmerized by the beauty around us and let’s face it, how can we not be present when an elephant comes slowly walking towards us or a leopard looks at us with those beautiful and mesmerizing green eyes? We no longer need to look for presence, presence comes naturally. No meditation is needed!

If you have worked with me, you know a lot about the theories of coming back to the present moment and have also being practicing tirelessly because you know the incredible benefits of being in the high frequencies of love. On this trip, we get the experience of it without any distractions from our daily lives and once our bodies have had that experience, then it will be easier to access these states back home. 

On a trip like this, we reset our circadian rhythms. This is our inner clock that triggers wakefulness and sleep time. Raising at dawn and going to bed after after having spent a day immersed in the healing energies of nature, resets our internal clock and we align with the innate natural rhythm that we have lost in our modern world.  Get ready to sleep like a baby!

Peace comes to us, we don’t need to look for it! In our modern world, we are often in fight or flight, where everything triggers us, often making us feel exhausted. Even just the sounds of the savannah have a powerful impact on our nervous system, transforming stress into a state of relaxation. Just like that. 

A trip like this is truly transformational! We strengthen our connection with everything around us and we touch that part of us that is whole. In short… this is how we are healed body, mind and soul. What are you waiting for?

A coherent heart

What happens to us when we are in the presence of wild animals? There are things that happen within us that we may not even realize are happening, but that are profoundly healing to us! When the heart and the brain work together in a higher level of synchronisation, we enter a state of coherence. In coherence, the body and our organs are functioning at their best and, because the region of the brain connected to our emotional state is affected too, we also feel good.

Our hearts also radiate an electro-magnetic energy, creating around us a field that reflects our emotional state. Animals are incredibly sensitive to this field and are attracted to a coherent heart.

Imagine coming together with a group of like-minded people, as a family, and, with a coherent heart, connecting with an incredibly beautiful wild animals. The coming together of our energies would create a sense of one-heartedness, allowing joy and unconditional divine love to permeate every cell in our bodies, connecting us to a wisdom that will leave our spirit permanently transformed.

The more we get together and practice coherence, the more our coherence sparks a chain reaction of heart resonance in others, and this, in turn, helps increase global coherence that influences positive changes in our environment. By participating in this retreat, you can be a co-creator in this process.

This is an amazing opportunity to spend time together, enjoy the sacred land of Africa, practicing coherence, healing, animal communication, storytelling and, of course, having fun.

Whales & dolphins are calling too


But the whales are not too far and we cannot miss to be with them too!  On this special day trip, we will cut across the tranquil turquoise blue as our whale & dolphin spotting tour leaves from the North Island. As you cruise the beautiful calm of St. Lucia’s waters, our captain will direct you to the best spots for viewing a host of whales & dolphins. See sperm whales, pilot whales, spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins & more! Snap photos of St. Lucia’s tropical coastline, fishing villages & deserted coves. This St. Lucia whale watching excursion makes for a highly memorable day – be sure to bring your sunscreen & your camera

Your home away

THULA THULA PRIVATE GAME RESERVE is situated in the heart of Zululand, in the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal. This 4500 ha, malaria free wildlife reserve was established in 1911 and has been operational as Thula Thula since 1998. It is home to a wide variety of game like elephant, buffalo, rhino, leopard, hippo, giraffe, birds and many more.

Thula Thula, with its centuries of cultural and wildlife heritage, takes pride in tracing back its origin to the private hunting grounds of King Shaka, founder of the Zulu Empire. The first historic meeting between Shaka and his father (Senzangakhona), which set the stage for the creation of the Zulu nation, took place at the Nseleni River at Thula Thula.

The Zulu name Thula Thula literally means peace and tranquility.


The elephant whisperer


Thula Thula was also the home of late bestselling author and conservationist Lawrence Anthony, who passed away on the 2nd of March 2012. His second book, The Elephant Whisperer relates the story of the rescue of the Thula Thula elephants, and the special relationship he has created with the herd.

Thula Thula is run by his wife, Francoise Malby Anthony, who carries on the legacy of Lawrence with the conservation projects and running of the two lodges. Francoise wrote the sequel of the Elephant Whisperer, AN ELEPHANT IN MY KITCHEN, who was released in July 2018, the true story and numerous adventures of the reality of running Thula Thula after Lawrence passed away. www.AnElephantInMyKitchen.com

Whether you come on our trip or not, you must buy Lawrence and Francoise’s books! A true delight!

An excursion to a Zulu village

We will visit a traditional Zulu village and get an introduction to their cultural lifestyle.

We also get the rare opportunity of having a mystical encounter with a traditional Zulu healer, known as a Sangoma. 

Price $ 5,998

Book now with a $ 500 non-refundable deposit to hold your space!

US$ 2,498 is due upon booking and the remaining balance is due 1 month before the beginning of the trip.


19 Oct - 25 Oct 2024


Zululand, South Africa


Luxury Tented Camp


min 5 - max 9


US$ 5,998


  • Experience the magic of the African bush in the heart of Zululand, in South Africa
  • Feel the enchantment of being close to the wild animals of Africa
  • Experience the powerful connection of whales and dolphins
  • Meet a Sangoma, a traditional Zulu healer
  • Learn to connect with the amazing African animals, such as elephants, whales, dolphins and even the spirit of the land
  • Learn heart connection with the animals and take the skill home to improve your life
  • Enjoy spending this special time with like-minded people

your Guide

Monique Brignoni


Multisensory Animal Intuitive – Meditation coach – Add Heart Facilitator 

In my heart I hold a wholehearted passion for the unseen, a deep connection to all animals and a love for life. Organising safaris around the world, allowed me to experience the magic of connecting to wild animals in their own environment and expanding my awareness to be able to hear what their hearts are telling us. Wild animals have taken me to very magical places and I feel at home amongst them. My deepest wish is for all of us to awaken to who we really are – raise our vibrations and feel the connection we have with everything and everyone. My offerings are aimed to support you in finding your true light within, through deepening your connections to the animals and tools that help raise our personal frequency so that we can all be co-creators of a compassionate world. 

Itinerary & Details

We will meet you at the arrivals hall of Durban’s International airport. We then transfer by minivan to our Thula Thula lodge. After settling in, we will open our sacred circle, set intentions and enjoy our first sunset. 

Every morning we will wake up at dawn and after a short breakfast, we will start our first game drive in the bush. After lunch, we will have time to relax and enjoy Thula Thula’s pool before our afternoon game drive.  Upon our return to Thula Thula we will have a little moment to get changed and relax before dinner.   After an amazing gourmet dinner, we can let ourselves be mesmerized by the African night sky whilst we gather around the fire, also called the African TV, for storytelling. 

One day will be dedicated a boat cruise in St.Lucia.

We will look for whales, dolphins, hippos, crocodiles and birdlife and a visit an Indian ocean beach.

In the morning after breakfast we will head out for a visit to the Zulu village and meet the healer. 

In the afternoon of this day will be do a game drive at Thula Thula reserve.

One day will be dedicated to a game drive at the oldest national game reserve called Hluhluwe Umfolozi reserve, to see the Big 5 (elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard & lion)

Today we will transfer to the airport where we say our farewells before returning home … as a new you.


  • All transfers from and to airport, as well as transport and excursion costs
  • Shared twin accommodation in a luxury tent at the 4 star Thula Thula Luxury Tented Camp
  • All meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as packed picnics during excursions
  • Teas and coffees , mineral water in tents
  • Game drives in our private game reserve to view elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard and many more
  • Visit of the Zulu village and an encounter with the Inyanga (traditional Zulu healer) where you will discover the magic of Zulu medicine and visit an authentic rural Zulu village.
  • St. Lucia boat cruise and Whale trip tour to see hippos and crocodiles and superb birdlife and a visit to an Indian ocean beach
  • Hluhluwe Umfolozi tour to see the big 5 in the oldest national game reserve.
  • Full body massage on your veranda by a professional massage therapist.
  • A four-course dinner at the elephant safari lodge
  • Champagne picnic lunch in the bush.
    • Bar drinks
    • Airport transfers that are not on the date and time provided in the Information Pack you will receive for this trip
    • Single supplement (available for the whole trip for extra US$ 1000)
    • Flights
    • Visa (if applicable)
    • Travel insurance
    • Items of personal nature
    • Tips  

The trip will run with a minimum of 6 participants. Should the minimum number not be reached, we offer you the choice of transferring to another date (if available) or cancelling the contract with a full refund of all money paid. 

We recommend you book a flexible ticket or book your flights after you have received the final invoice and confirmation from us that the trip is proceeding, which will be no later than August 1st, 2023.

We do not make refunds for any reason whatsoever nor we refund for flight booked, so please make sure you have insurance for trip cancellation. 


Meals are all included in the cost of the trip. 


Accommodation is provided for the whole duration of the trip at the Thula Thula Luxury Tented Camp. Accommodation is shared in twin room. A single room is available on payment of a supplement.

Single occupancy is available and incurs a supplement of $ 1,000 for the whole trip.

On receipt of your deposit you will receive a Booking Confirmation, followed by an Information Pack and Travellers’ Information Form, which we ask you to complete and return. All documents are sent electronically. These documents form part of your contract with us and we ask that you complete them promptly in order to ensure the smooth processing of your booking.

We do not provide travel insurance. We strongly advise you have travel insurance that includes comprehensive cover and trip cancellation. We do not take responsibility for any financial losses howsoever they occur.

Our trips are not about ticking boxes or checklists. Our ethos is to appreciate each moment, connect with and respect nature and to experience wildlife in a mindful way.

It is assumed that participants have the spirit within themselves to enjoy nature, connecting to other fellow travellers and where going with the flow is all part of the adventure. If you don’t share this outlook and our ethos, we suggest this might not be the trip for you.

We also believe it’s never too late to experience life, so age is irrelevant to us so long as you have a big heart and a strong mind.

Please see our T&C’s.

The wild animals of Africa are waiting to awaken the light within you.

Can you feel their calling?

But be aware.... once you get the dust of Africa on your boots, you will forever have Africa in your heart!