Pet Connect

Listen to us, we’re kinda awesome

Sit down human, we need to talk

Animals are the bridge between us and the beauty of all that is

You have chosen to journey through life with a furry companion. That’s not by chance. Your coming together has a deeper meaning.

Our animal companions can awaken dormant parts in us that connect us to who we really are. The extent to which we are present in their lives, determines how much of the bigger picture we see.  They give us so much more than unconditional love, they open our hearts and, in the moment we are truly present to them, we receive more than it’s possible to imagine.

By tuning in to the energy that surrounds each situation, it’s possible to become aware of the meaning behind the challenges we may be experiencing with our pets. Our beautiful animal companions are so pure, so loving and so connected to source, they become precious instruments in our own growth. I like to think of them as our guides in living a better human life.

They can help us discover what is hidden in our emotional landscape and from my work I have seen numerous times how they are devoted to bringing light onto the situations that hold the key to opening up to the beauty that is within each one of us and that is trying to emerge. I feel it’s our time to give back, open up completely to the unconditional love they are and start listening to what they have to say.

So whether you’re just curious about what your furry one has to tell you, or whether you’re experiencing challenges you’d like to overcome, there is a precious gift in every message – a life-lesson especially for you. 

During a typical session, I tap into your animal companion’s energy and become a conduit for them, through which they can pass on their guidance. The purpose is to help you deepen your connection with your furry friend, making your life together a truly meaningful one.

What people say

"WOW! Monique, you are absolutely THE best communicator I have had the pleasure to speak with. Your gift is much more than getting the true essence of a loved one. You went directly to each soul and touched all our hearts. You have a gift of opening hearts, show us teachings, touch our lives and leave each shining brighter than before." Jodie M.

"Since we spoke tonight I feel less worried about J'Ace and Lilou's health issues, less pain when I think of Jazz, more optimisme regarding the future and great gratitude for your encouragements." Liz E.

"I really enjoyed your communication with Nagi and all of it felt so true. Your words resonated in a very emotional way, and I often found myself welling up with tears. Some of the things you mentioned have been on the edge of my consciousness and you really clarified them for me and brought them into my full realization, which I'm so grateful for. You've given me some new ideas about what will help with her too, which I'm so happy about and excited to try! Inspirations indeed! ." Phee N.

One-to-one with your furry one